MDANET: Outsmarting Emergencies with AI Powered Intelligence

The unexpected is inevitable. But in our fast-paced world, emergency situations don't have to rely on luck. Enter MDANET, an AI-powered command center born from Magen David Adom's 90+ years of lifesaving action

Resource optimization
Real-time deployment
Real-world proven
B2G Expertise

Who We Serve

Emergency Services

From police departments, fire brigades, and ambulances (EMS) to airport operations, MDANET empowers first responders across the spectrum with the tools they need to save lives and minimize damage...

Resource Management Sector

Across transportation, logistics, and supply chains, MDANET empowers companies like airlines, shipping lines, and motor pools to proactively address challenges, optimize resources, and achieve operational excellence...

Public & Homeland Security

The B2G model at the heart of MDANET makes it ideal for agencies responsible for public safety and security. From predicting and preventing disasters to coordinating rapid response in complex situations...

Healthcare Systems

Streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and improve patient outcomes with intelligent solutions for hospitals, clinics, and medical organizations. Imagine ambulance dispatch based on patient severity and available specialists...



Command Every Crisis. Save Every Life. MDA CONTROL, MDANET's flagship service, redefines emergency response with AI-powered foresight, intelligent resource allocation, and seamless team coordination.

AI-powered foresight: Predict dangers, anticipate resource needs, and orchestrate proactive response.
Real-world expertise, amplified: Leverage 90+ years of Magen David Adom experience, infused with cutting-edge AI.
Unified emergency ecosystem: Seamlessly connect with other response platforms and agencies.

Medical emergencies don't respect flight plans. MDA Air does. Seamless remote care, specialist doctors 24/7, all from your seat. Fly confident, knowing expert help is a breath away.

Always Reachable: Our medical center never sleeps, with a doctor and paramedic on call, ready to guide you in any situation.
Real-Time Data: Share vital signs, ECGs, and more for quick diagnosis and informed action.
Instant Assistance: Receive critical treatment instructions and coordinate with local medical teams for seamless care.
Our technology

Safety, Painted in Real-Time

Our revolutionary technology predicts, prioritizes, and dynamically deploys resources in real-time, transforming reactive chaos into a coordinated ballet of action. From pinpointing the fastest ambulance route to mobilizing the perfect response team before emergencies even unfold, MDANET is the unseen conductor, safeguarding lives and minimizing the sting of unforeseen events



Born from 90+ years of real-world expertise, MDANET offers compelling reasons to transform reactive chaos into proactive protection. Embrace the future of emergency response with AI-driven preparednes

B2G Expertise

Tailored solutions for governments & organizations, streamlining operations and response.

Transform Reactive Chaos

Proactive protection: predict, pre-position, save lives. Data-driven decisions for every emergency

Streamline Operations

Break silos, empower responders, optimize resources. Actionable insights for every step.

Real-world Proven

90+ years of MDA expertise, digitally empowered for smarter response.

AI-powered Future

Predict emergencies, pre-position resources with AI's cutting edge.

Seamless Streamlining of Emergency Response

Chaos unravels, time tightens, information scatters. But MDANET stands firm, a bridge over fragmented responses. We weave data and dispatch, resources and responders, into a single, life-saving flow. Trust the connected future, trust MDANET.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose MDANET over other emergency response solutions?

MDANET stands out because it braids 90+ years of real-world experience with cutting-edge AI. It predicts emergencies before they happen, pre-positions resources for a proactive response, and continuously learns to adapt to evolving challenges. It's like having a future-proofed first responder always on call.

Can MDANET help my organization save money?

Absolutely! MDANET helps you save through:
Reduced emergency response costs by predicting and preventing emergencies.
Optimized resource allocation to avoid unnecessary deployments.
Improved operational efficiency for smoother workflows.

Is MDANET secure and trustworthy?

Data security is our top priority. MDANET utilizes secure communication protocols and adheres to the strictest privacy regulations, ensuring your critical information remains protected at all times.

How can MDANET benefit different organizations?

MDANET's versatility caters to diverse needs, from emergency services to hospitals and corporations. Imagine ambulances pre-deployed near major events, proactive maintenance for critical infrastructure, and optimized dispatch for medical care, all guided by AI-powered insights. MDANET empowers you to outsmart the unexpected, whatever your industry.

How does MDANET work in real-time?

MDANET's central platform, MDAControl, acts as a real-time symphony conductor. It gathers data from various sources like weather patterns, traffic flow, and sensor readings to predict emergencies and manage resources like ambulances, defibrillators, and personnel with pinpoint accuracy.

How can I learn more about implementing MDANET for my organization?

We're eager to connect! Reach out to us today, and we'll be happy to discuss your specific needs and showcase how MDANET can revolutionize your emergency preparedness and response. Together, we can outsmart the unexpected.

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